Over 50 Years of Concrete Construction Experience

VanLaan Concrete Construction was established in 1962 by the values, hard work, and tenacity of Tom VanLaan. Born and raised on a farm just outside of Dutton, Michigan, he and a business partner founded the company in his home town. In 1976, Tom bought the partner out and began to focus more on commercial work.

VanLaan quickly became known for hard work, customer satisfaction, quality, and the ability to meet schedules. Fueled by this reputation and an innate passion for building, VanLaan continued to grow and expand its reach and capabilities over the next four decades to become the industry leader it is today. The company moved to a few different locations over the years to acomodate it’s growth but always staying in it’s hometown of Dutton. In 1982 the company moved to its current location at 6875 Dutton Industrial Drive SE.

With over a half-century of experience Van Laan Concrete Construction continues to operate by the same values, hard work, and tenacity that it was founded on. Today, Van Laan Concrete is still family owned and run. Tom’s son Scott took over as President in 2002 while Tom continues to help guide as chairman of the board.