Our Concrete Construction Capabilities

Van Laan has extensive experience in commercial, industrial, institutional and high-end residential projects with much of this work attaining award-winning quality.

Industries Served

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Educational
  • Medical
  • Public Works / Civil / Government
  • Food Processing
  • Architectural
  • Religious
  • Sports Venues
  • Aviation

Specialization Includes:

Building Foundations & Floor Slabs

  • Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Buildings
  • Repair & Remediation inside Existing Facilities, Floor Repair, Equipment Foundations
  • Specialize in USDA / FDA restricted clean environments, i.e. food & drug production

Site Concrete

  • Sidewalks, Curbs, Pavement
  • Pervious Pavement
  • Decorative Concrete, Colored, Stamped Slabs
  • Post-Tensioned Tennis Courts

Heavy Construction / Structural Concrete

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Cast-in-Place Elevated Floor Slabs
  • Post-Tensioned Structural Concrete
  • Deep Foundations, Tall Walls

Architectural Concrete

  • Detailed Aesthetic, Textured and Smooth Walls

Machine Pits and Foundations

  • Turn-key Construction for High Tolerance Machine Foundations, Pits etc…

High Tolerance Floor Slabs

  • Flat Floors, Management of Shrinkage & Curling,
    • Fiber Reinforcing, High Dosage Fiber Reinforcing
    • Type K Systems
    • Post-Tensioning
  • Super Flat Floor Slab Placement for High Rack Storage with Automatic Guidance Vehicle (AVG) Retrieval

Demolition and Excavation

  • Removal of Existing Structures and Slabs
  • Excavation and Backfill of Foundations
  • Installation of Storm Sewer
  • Trucking, Import and Export of Soils
  • Grading, Laser Guided Dozer